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Simplistic Shooting Solutions

Simplistic Shooting Solutions AR Gas Vent

Product Code : SSS01966


Mfg Item #: SSS01966

The AR Gas Vent is a unique product that addresses the problem of gas blow back when firing a suppressed AR-15 rifle. Back pressure caused by suppressor use sends gasses and lubricants back into the user's face and can prevent effective engagement of targets after just a few rounds being fired.

It is difficult to effectively shoot at a target when your eyes are watering or shut from hot/irritating propellant gases, or when lubricants are being shot back onto your eye protection.

The AR Gas vent helps redirect a large amount of gas away from the shooter's face by creating a large channel which vents gas away from the upper receiver. When used in conjunction with a charging handle which has been RTV Sealed, gas blow back is VASTLY reduced.

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